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Research Publications

The Hidden Costs team engages with, extends and mobilizes the research of its global governance partners. Recent research from our partners includes:

Journal Title Cluster Researcher(s) Link Publication Year
Scientific Reports Resilience of Central Pacific coral reefs subject to frequent heat stress and human disturbance Simon Donner Read the publication 2019
The Extractive Industries and Society Natural gas extraction and community development in Tanzania: Documenting the gaps between rhetoric and reality Philippe Le Billon Read the publication 2019
Studies in Political Economy Corporate power, fossil capital, climate crisis: introducing the Corporate Mapping Project William Carroll Read the publication 2018
Environmental Research Letters Measuring what works: quantifying greenhouse gas emission reductions of behavioural interventions to reduce driving, meat consumption, and household energy use Simon Donner Read the publication 2018
Third World Thematics: A TWQ Journal Gold mining in Colombia, post-war crime and the peace agreement with the FARC Read the publication 2018
Oxford University Pres Conceptualizing Political Consumerism as Part of the Global Value Chain Read the publication 2018
Edward Elgar Publishing Chapter 10: Problems of Bottom-up Collaboration: Evolutionary Pathways and Capacity Challenges of NSMD governance institutions in Collaboration and Public Service Delivery: Promise and Pitfall Ben Cashore Read the publication 2018
Third World Quarterly The slow violence of corporate social responsibility: the case of mining in Peru Peter Dauvergne Read the publication 2018
Climatic Change Six languages for a risky climate: how farmers react to weather and climate change Simon Donner Read the publication 2018
Global Environmental Change Do eco-labels prevent deforestation? Lessons from non-state market driven governance in the soy, palm oil, and cocoa sectors Ben Cashore Read the publication 2018