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Research Publications

The Hidden Costs team engages with, extends and mobilizes the research of its global governance partners. Recent research from our partners includes:

Journal Title Cluster Researcher(s) Link Publication Year
Book Publication Handbook on Global Value Chains Stefano Ponte Read the publication 2019
Scientific Reports Resilience of Central Pacific coral reefs subject to frequent heat stress and human disturbance Simon Donner Read the publication 2019
The Extractive Industries and Society Natural gas extraction and community development in Tanzania: Documenting the gaps between rhetoric and reality Philippe Le Billon Read the publication 2019
Human Geography Social Upgrading as Market Fantasy: The Limits of Global Value Chain Integration Gavin Fridell Read the publication 2019
Routledge Financializing Nature in Handbook on Global Sustainability Governance Jennifer Clapp Read the publication 2019
Environment and Planning A: Economy and Space Just cuts for fossil fuels? Supply-side carbon constraints and energy transition Philippe Le Billon Read the publication 2019
University of Toronto Press Let’s Get a Coffee, in Power and Everyday Practices, 2nd Edition p. 309-326 Gavin Fridell Read the publication 2019
Nature Sustainability Towards a sustainable and equitable blue economy Philippe Le Billon Read the publication 2019
Fisheries Research Using harmonized historical catch data to infer the expansion of global tuna fisheries Daniel Pauly Read the publication 2019
Academy of Management Best Paper Proceedings Business-to-Business Conflicts and Environmental Governance in Global Supply Chains. Academy of Management Proceedings Michael Bloomfield Read the publication 2019