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Research Publications

The Hidden Costs team engages with, extends and mobilizes the research of its global governance partners. Recent research from our partners includes:

Journal Title Cluster Researcher(s) Link Publication Year
The Journal of Peasant Studies The Trade-ification of the Food Sustainability Agenda Jennifer Clapp Read the publication 2017
Regulation & Governance Public orchestration, social networks, and transnational environmental governance: Lessons from the aviation industry Stefano Ponte Read the publication 2017
Global Governance: A Review of Multilateralism and International Organizations What do Big Data do in Global Governance? Hans Krause Hansen Read the publication 2017
Socio-Economic Review The domestic politics of corporate accountability legislation Genevieve LeBaron Read the publication 2017
Globalizations Big Food, Nutritionism, and Corporate Power Jennifer Clapp Read the publication 2017
New Political Economy How low can it go? Analysing the political economy of carbon market design and low carbon prices Kate Ervine Read the publication 2017
Agriculture and Human Values Responsibility to the Rescue: Governing Global Private Financial Investment in Agriculture Jennifer Clapp Read the publication 2017
SPERI Global Political Economy Briefs Ethical audits and the supply chains of global corporations Genevieve LeBaron Read the publication 2016