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Research Publications

The Hidden Costs team engages with, extends and mobilizes the research of its global governance partners. Recent research from our partners includes:

Journal Title Cluster Researcher(s) Link Publication Year
Academy of Management Innovations in the Business Models of Modern Slavery: The Dark Side of Business Model Innovation Andrew Crane, Genevieve LeBaron Read the publication 2018
Edward Elgar Publishing Researching the Global Environmental Politics of Food in A Research Agenda for Global Environmental Politics Jennifer Clapp Read the publication 2018
Environmental Politics The power of environmental norms: marine plastic pollution and the politics of microbeads Peter Dauvergne Read the publication 2018
Global Environmental Change Integration anxiety: The cognitive isolation of climate change Simon Donner Read the publication 2018
International Forestry Review Global forest discourses must connect with local forest realities Ben Cashore Read the publication 2018
Routledge Food and hunger in International Organization and Global Governance Jennifer Clapp Read the publication 2018
Nature Ecology & Evolution, Tax havens are the tip of the iceberg Philippe Le Billon Read the publication 2018
Fernwood Publishing Organizing the 1%: How Corporate Power Works William Carroll Read the publication 2018
Current Opinion in Environmental Sustainability Forest certification: the challenge of measuring impacts Ben Cashore Read the publication 2018
Routledge Environmental Political Economy in Companion to Environmental Studies Jennifer Clapp Read the publication 2018