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Research Publications

The Hidden Costs team engages with, extends and mobilizes the research of its global governance partners. Recent research from our partners includes:

Journal Title Cluster Researcher(s) Link Publication Year
Energy Economics A Two-Part Feed-in-Tariff for Intermittent Electricity Generation Werner Antweiler Read the publication 2017
New Political Economy States and the Political Economy of Unfree Labour Genevieve LeBaron Read the publication 2017
Agriculture and Human Values The complex dynamics of agriculture as a financial asset: introduction to symposium Jennifer Clapp Read the publication 2017
Environmental Economics and Policy Studies Emission trading for air pollution hot spots: getting the permit market right Werner Antweiler Read the publication 2017
Columbia Journalism Review Newsrooms are Making Leaking Easier – and More Secure Than Ever Charles Berret Read the publication 2017
Book Publication The new gatekeeper: Ethical audits as a mechanism of global value chain governance Genevieve LeBaron, Peter Dauvergne Read the publication 2017
The Journal of Environment & Development Is the Power of Brand-Focused Activism Rising? The Case of Tropical Deforestation Peter Dauvergne Read the publication 2017
PLoS-One A new, high-resolution global mass coral bleaching database Simon Donner Read the publication 2017
International Forestry Review Narrating illegal logging across the globe. Between Green Protectionism and Sustainable Resource Use Ben Cashore Read the publication 2017
MIT Press Dirty gold: How activism transformed the jewelry industry Michael Bloomfield Read the publication 2017